A Leadership Workshop for Professional Students

GAINS class

How do we address these leadership disparities?

• Women are still disproportionately underrepresented in leadership roles in public, private, and nonprofit institutions in spite of high rates of educational attainment and equal opportunity legislation.

• Women of color and indigenous women face greater obstacles to advancement compared to white women, and specific kinds of invisibilities.

• Economic background and sexual orientation often pose further challenges to leadership advancement.

The GAINS leadership workshop series provides professional students with the tools to succeed as leaders by building on their personal strengths and diverse experiences. In addition, GAINS provides students with the know-how to construct improved, institutionalized pathways to leadership that everyone can benefit from. 

GAINS is premised on two key ideas that depart from the foci of most leadership programs:

  • Leadership training needs to focus on intersectional forms of inequality. Gender inequality has significant effects on leadership disparities, but it interacts with race, indigenenity, sexuality and other cross-cutting forms of inequality to create challenges to leadership that will be experienced differently by individuals with different identities. GAINS employs an intersectional focus throughout.
  • Achieving leadership parity entails both individual and institutional change. There is only so much an individual can do to "kick the glass ceiling".  The GAINS workshop series cultivates in students their ability to increase their individual punch – and it teaches them how to make institutional changes that will create better pathways to leadership for everyone.