2018-2019 Sessions

Fall 2018 Sessions:

Workshop 1:  September 14.  Intersectional Barriers, Authentic Leadership and Institutional Transformation (Anita Patel)

Workshop 2: October 12.  Intersectional Barriers and Decision-making Criteria (Terri Thao)

Workshop 3: November 9.  Individual and Organizational Well-being (Suzanne Koepplinger)

Workshop 4: November 30. Wrapping it Up and Bringing it Together (Alumni Panel: Kristin Jorenby, Octavia Smith, Debra Fitzpatrick)


Spring 2019 Preview:

Workshop 5:  February 1. Networking and Mentoring (Kirsten Johnson and Sindy Morales Garcia)

Workshop 6: March 1. Negotiation (Margaret Anderson Kelliher)

Workshop 7: March 29. Communication (Eleanore Wesserle)

Workshop 8: April 19. Wrapping it Up, Bringing it Together and Becoming a Change Agent 


The Gender and Intersectional Network Series
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